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Digital Signatures

To ensure the integrity of the official libjpeg-turbo release packages, the RPM and DEB files and the source tarball are signed using the following GPG key:

and the Windows installers are signed using a code signing certificate.

To verify the RPM package signatures:

sudo rpm --import '{key URL}'
rpm --checksig {RPM file}

To verify the DEB package signatures:

sudo apt-get install debsig-verify
sudo debsig-import 85C7044E033FDE16 '{key URL}'
debsig-verify {DEB file}

debsig-import is available here.

To verify the Windows installer package signatures:

Right-click on the .exe file and look at the "Digital Signatures" tab. If you have the Windows SDK installed, you can also run:

signtool verify -pa {.exe file}

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