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SIMD Coverage of the libjpeg Algorithms


Integer Algorithms

 MMX (i386)SSE2 (i386)AVX2 (i386)SSE2 (x86_64)AVX2 (x86_64)ARM NEONARM64 NEONMIPS DSP r2PPC AltiVec VMX
RGB-to-YCbCr Color ConversionYesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+v1.2+v1.5+v1.4+v1.5+
RGB-to-Grayscale Color ConversionYesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+NoNov1.4+v1.5+
H2V1 (4:2:2) DownsamplingYesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+Nov1.5+v1.4+v1.5+
H2V2 (4:2:0) DownsamplingYesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+Nov1.5+v1.4+v1.5+
Integer Sample ConversionYesYesNoYesNov1.2+v1.5+v1.4+v1.5+
Fast Integer Forward DCTYesYesNoYesNov1.2+v1.5+v1.4+v1.5+
Slow Integer Forward DCTYesYesNoYesNoNov1.5+v1.4+v1.5+
Integer QuantizationYesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+v1.2+v1.5+v1.4+v1.5+
Huffman EncodingNov1.5+Nov1.5+Nov1.5+v1.5+NoNo

Infrequently Used Integer Algorithms

NULL Color Conversion *v1.4+
H2V2 Smooth Downsampling **v1.4+

* Used when compressing an RGB-colorspace JPEG image from RGB pixels or a CMYK-colorspace JPEG image from CMYK pixels (never used in the TurboJPEG API)
** Used when compressing a JPEG image with cjpeg -smooth (never used in the TurboJPEG API)

Floating Point Algorithms (Legacy Feature)

 3DNow! (i386)SSE (i386)SSE (x86_64)MIPS DSP r2
Floating Point Sample ConversionYesYesYesv1.4+
Floating Point Forward DCTYesYesYesNo
Floating Point QuantizationYesYesYesv1.4+


Integer Algorithms

 MMX (i386)SSE2 (i386)AVX2 (i386)SSE2 (x86_64)AVX2 (x86_64)ARM NEONARM64 NEONMIPS DSP r2PPC AltiVec VMX
YCbCr-to-RGB Color ConversionYesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+v1.2+v1.4+ **v1.4+v1.5+
H2V1 (4:2:2) Fancy (Smooth) UpsamplingYesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+v1.2.1+Nov1.4+v1.5+
H2V2 (4:2:0) Fancy (Smooth) UpsamplingYesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+NoNov1.4+v1.5+
H2V1 (4:2:2) Merged Upsampling/Color Conversion *YesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+NoNov1.4+v1.5+
H2V2 (4:2:0) Merged Upsampling/Color Conversion *YesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+NoNov1.4+v1.5+
Fast Integer Inverse DCTYesYesNoYesNov1.2+v1.4+ **v1.4+v1.5+
Slow Integer Inverse DCTYesYesNoYesNov1.2+v1.4+ **v1.4+v1.5+

* Used when decompressing subsampled YCbCr JPEG images into an RGB output image with djpeg -nosmooth or TJFLAG_FASTUPSAMPLE

** Further optimized for in-order pipelines in libjpeg-turbo 1.5+.

Infrequently Used Integer Algorithms

 MMX (i386)SSE2 (i386)AVX2 (i386)SSE2 (x86_64)AVX2 (x86_64)ARM NEONARM64 NEONMIPS DSP r2PPC AltiVec VMX
YCbCr-to-RGB565 Color ConversionNoNoNoNoNov1.2+v1.4+NoNo
H2V1 (4:2:2) Plain Upsampling *YesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+NoNov1.4+v1.5+
H2V2 (4:2:0) Plain Upsampling *YesYesv1.6+Yesv1.6+NoNov1.4+v1.5+
Integer Upsampling **NoNoNoNoNoNoNov1.4+No
2x2 (1/4 Scaling) Integer Inverse DCTYesYesNoYesNov1.2+v1.4+v1.4+No
4x4 (1/2 Scaling) Integer Inverse DCTYesYesNoYesNov1.2+v1.4+v1.4+No
6x6 (3/4 Scaling) Integer Inverse DCTNoNoNoNoNoNoNov1.4+No
12x12 (3/2 Scaling) Integer Inverse DCTNoNoNoNoNoNoNov1.4+No

* Used when decompressing subsampled non-YCbCr JPEG images into an RGB or CMYK output image with djpeg -nosmooth or TJFLAG_FASTUPSAMPLE
** Used when decompressing subsampled JPEG images with a sampling factor other than 4:2:0 or 4:2:2

Floating Point Algorithms (Legacy Feature)

 3DNow! (i386)SSE (i386)SSE (x86_64)
Floating Point Inverse DCTYesYesYes

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